Stellaris Expansion Packs Released So Far

Stellaris Expansion

Stellaris is a real-time grand strategy game which is based on 4X features. When you want to explore the space with enough traveling, then download Stellaris game. Stellaris was developed by Paradox Interactive. The gameplay revolves around space exploration where you can manage your empires with diplomacy and space warfare. There are lots of Stellaris Expansion packs available so far.

Stellaris was released all over the world for Windows, OS X, and Linux on May 9, 2016. Players can fully control their species while playing the early stages of interstellar with space exploration. The final goal of the empire can range from galactic defeat, the sign of resources and technical domination, to the peaceful coexistence or complete obliteration of all the sentient beings is basically dependent on the morals of empire and the player’s wishes.

All the Stellaris expansion packs have lots of controls and features which can be enjoyed by every player. Each type of ship can be controlled easily by any player and these include science, construction, and military ships. Warfare comprises of space war and ground war, and it is more focused on the bigger features, training, and tactic. You can also avail the diplomatic options which include association and trade agreements with other species.

Stellaris Expansion

Stellaris expansion allows you to experience changes in the gameplay. Stellaris introduces advanced mechanics with many kinds of the essence. The player can start the game with only one planet in the kingdom. You can also experience various with drawl and research stations, a pair of construction ship and science ship, three little warships with a Starbase.

Stellaris Expansion

At the early levels of the game, you will keep on exploring and colonizing space. When you entered in the middle of the game, you will notice diplomacy and dominating attitude in the game. In the last section of the game, you may experience crisis events that hold galaxy-wide implications. There can be a start of latent alert AI or an attack by some extra-galactic forces, which enables the last two sections of the game being triggered by the careless empires. The paradox is currently wondering to address it as a common late-game problem in 4X style games. It is clear that ultimate victory is expected which might end up in annoying gameplay.


Leviathan is the first Stellaris expansion pack. It was declared on 15 September 2016 and was released on 20 October 2016 beside Patch 1.3.

Stellaris Expansion

Features of Expansion

Although it is old but still this Stellaris expansion pack has lots of features;

Guardians: It has commanding space beings with strange origins and motives. You have to fight for exploring them, which enables you to unlock technologies and gain access to great resources.

Enclaves: Self-governing colonies of traders and artists who are happy to make any deal. You can switch resources, buy information about the galaxy, or charge a great deal of artwork for your empire.

War in Heaven: You can add new art and music to add a better variety and listening pleasures to your experience of the game.

Free Features

  • An easy Auto-Explore feature
  • Meeting points for your freshly-organized Navy
  • The Expansion Planner Interface
  • Patch up of Strategic Resources
  • Clearer specialization for ship types
  • More options for managing new galaxies


Utopia is the second Stellaris expansion pack. It was declared on 2 February 2017 and was released on 6 April 2017. This Stellaris expansion pack came with the free 1.5 Patch.

Stellaris Expansion

Features of Expansion

You can avail these features of Stellaris expansion Utopia, only when the DLC is activated.

Megastructures: You can build amazing structures such as Dyson Spheres and ringworlds in your systems. It takes honor and lots of advantages to your race.

Habitat Stations: You can make tall space stations, which can increase the population.

Ascension Perks: You can gather Unity points and take on Traditions which allows you to unlock Ascension Perks. It enables you to customize your empire in just another way.

Purge and Slavery Types: this feature allows you to define further various treatment and elimination options of species.

Native Indoctrination: This feature enables you to help pre-FTL species think the way you want them to.

Advanced Civics: you can go with intensive selecting either Syncretic Evolution or Fanatic Purifiers.

Hive Minds: When you are tired of ethics, become with yourself.

Free Features

The 1.5 Patch of Utopia expansion pack consists of different changes:

Ethics rework: You can modify empire and make modern ethics, besides a better addition with overhaul faction system.

Faction Interactions: This feature allows you to switch the empire ethics by supporting or repressing the distinctive factions.

Unity and Traditions: You can collect Unity points to gather ideas and bonuses. It will make species expansion easy across the stars, and special perks can be unlocked for completing a set.

Rights and Privileges: This feature allows you to make particular policies.

Refugees and Core Worlds: you can set policies for refugees and core planets by using this feature.

Government Rework: power decides command can be transferred while civics shows the political and public traditions of the government.

Synthetic Dawn

Synthetic Dawn is the third Stellaris expansion pack. It was declared on 3 August 2017 and was released on 21 September 2017. The expansion is available with free 1.8 Patch.

Stellaris Expansion

Features of Expansion

These features of Stellaris expansion packs are available only when you are having activated DLC.

You, Robot: This feature allows you to play Stellaris as a modified robotic empire. It also completes a group of robotic representations for science robots, worker robots and much more.

AI: You can follow the latest event chains and story characteristics which direct your robotic species greatly.

Rise of the Machines: Oppressed synths can rise up against their masters which can build new empires.

Digital Enhancements: It has the ability of synthetic race portraits, and increased voice packs for VIR.

Free Features

These features of Stellaris expansion packs are free for all players and were added to the base game by the 1.8 Patch. These features can function properly without the accompanying DLC.

Revamped election mechanics: Independent governments take no time while choosing their leaders. They choose leaders from the active ruler pools.

Leader skill changes: Leaders can make up to ten skill levels, which depends on civics, traditions, policies, and traits of species of an empire.

Core sector governor: There is a single governor who is responsible for all the core systems.

Manual Purging: Eliminating the particular explosion is now possible in special cases.

Simplifying vassal creation: In the past when you want to create vassals you had to release the whole species if your homeworld was detained. But now in order to create vassals, you can easily select a planet of your choice where you see species of your preference and hit the button of Create Vassals.

Land appropriation and refugees: This policy deals with newly dominated planets whether should have tiles appropriated from non-citizen species.

Pre-sapient policies: There are some new policies available that speak about how species with the possible uplift to treat. These policies include extermination, tolerance, protection and use as livestock.

Initial border status: Default border status can be controlled by this policy, status that an empire has towards the other empires.


Apocalypse is the fourth Stellaris expansion pack. It was declared on 11 January 2018 and was released on 22 February 2018. This expansion has free 2.0 Patch with it.

Stellaris Expansion

Features of Expansion

These features are available only when your DLC is activated.

Planetary destruction: This feature has the ability to make an amazing late-game planet-killer ship “Colossus”. It is technically super-weapon which deals with one of 6 configurations, shatter whole worlds.

Titan class ships: Players can easily build strong capital-sized ships which provide great bonuses to vessels under their command by using this feature.

Ion cannons: expensive defense modules can be arranged by Starbase which can easily hit the targets on the other side of the system.

Marauders: the galaxy is now eligible to produce roaming empires on the fingers of the galaxy that can attack the resolved nations.

Unity ambitions: This feature allows you more civics and ascension perks to spend unity in order to customize empire development.

Free Features

The base game 2.0 (Cherryh) patch will have these features which means every player can avail them. Because these features are free for everyone and can be used without DLC.

Border rework: Borders are very important as they are a reflection of system ownership which means that the system owner is now the owner of the Starbase.

Starbase: Above the sun of each system now only have a single Starbase. You can upgrade the, ranging from colony to fortress, and more specialized modules and buildings.

Colonization changes: You cannot colonize any world out of an empire borders.

Gateways: New mega structures function just like wormholes and they can also build or reactivated. Initially, they get paired with Gateway in the galaxy, but all Gateways are eligible to connect freely with any other owner.

Distant Stars

Distant Stars is the 3rd Stellaris expansion pack. It was declared on 23 April 2018 and was released on 22 May 2018. The expansion pack has the free 2.1 patch (aka Niven).

Stellaris Expansion

Features of Expansion

Behind Closed Doors: This feature allows you to discover hidden traces of an ancient gateway network which unlocks a sealed path to a group of the galaxy.

Brave New Worlds: You can plot uncharted exclusive solar systems; each one has its own story.

Free Features

  • It has new kind of stars.
  • The anomaly system is revised.

These were all the Stellaris expansion packs revealed so far. Al of them has their own unique and amazing challenges with extraordinary features. Players enjoy this game until the end and explore different planets in the galaxy.

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